Thomas G. Goduto

USAF Captain, B-52 Electronics Warfare Officer, Defense Instructor, 23rd Bomb Squadron, 5th Bombardment Wing (Heavy), Minot AFB, N. Dak., (ret.)

The interviews with Thomas Goduto can be read here: Transcription

Thomas Goduto was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, graduated from high school in 1957, and attended Nezra Hall Seminary, St. Thomas College, and the University of Minnesota. After graduating from general college he attended the Institute of Technology and Civil Engineering. In December 1962, he enlisted in the Aviation Cadets program at James Connelly AFB, Waco, Texas, graduating with an aeronautical rating as a navigator and a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant. Assigned to electronic warfare officer school at Mather AFB, Calif., including survival training, in September 1964 he reported to Castle AFB, Calif., for B-52 combat crew training. His first assignment was Minot AFB in January 1965, receiving a spot promotion to 1st Lieutenant. During his career he logged 5,400 hours total flying time, 3,400 hours in the B-52.

During the UFO events, Goduto (seated behind the pilots facing aft) was monitoring the communications via his headset and powered up his Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) equipment, though was unsuccessful in identifying a signature for the UFO. He attended the crew debriefing later in the morning in the office of Gen. Holland, and was not interviewed during the official investigation.

Thomas G. Goduto

Thomas G. Goduto, Minot AFB 1968 crew photo.

Joseph Jablonski

Thomas G. Goduto at his home during a 2001 SOHP interview.