Lloyd M. Isley

USAF Airman First Class, Maintenance Technician, 91st Minuteman Missile Maintenance Squadron, Minot AFB, N. Dak., (ret.)

The interview with Lloyd Isley can be read here: Transcription

Lloyd "Michael" Isley was born in Tulsa, OK, and went to school at Oklahoma State University/Okmulgee Tech for heating and air conditioning. In December 1967 he enlisted in the Air Force and completed a bypass specialist test to become a heating and air conditioning technician. He was assigned to Minot AFB to work on the environmental control systems in the underground missile sites. After two years at Minot he was assigned to the Philippines for fifteen months, and returned to Vandenberg AFB in missile maintenance before leaving military service.

During the UFO events, Isley, with his partner O'Connor, were driving five miles north of the N-7 Launch Facility, when they observed a UFO in the east at 2:30 a.m. They reported the observation to Base Operations, who established an open-line of communications with the remote observers. After arriving at N-7, they continued to observe the UFO circling south of the facility for about an hour and reported to FSC Bond. He was interviewed during the official investigation and completed an Air Force Form 117 questionnaire.

Lloyd M. Isley

Lloyd M. Isley, 2001.