James A. Partin

USAF Major, B-52 Instructor Pilot, 23rd Bomb Squadron, 5th Bombardment Wing (Heavy), Minot AFB, N. Dak., (ret.)

The interview with James Partin can be read here: Transcription

James Partin was a B-52 pilot with 13 years experience in 1968. He was not a regular member of this B-52 crew, but was onboard during this combat training mission being evaluated by the aircraft commander Capt. Cagle.

During the UFO events, Partin was piloting the B-52, and visually observed the UFO on the ground during the low-altitude fly over. After landing, as senior officer he reported to a debriefing in Base Operations, but did not attend the crew debriefing later that morning in the office of Gen. Holland. He was the only member of the crew interviewed during the official investigation, and completed an Air Force Form 117 on Wednesday, 30 October 1968.

James Partin UFO Drawing, 2/23/2001

James Partin UFO Drawing, 2/23/2001.

UFO drawing by Bradford Runyon, 11/28/2000

I met with James A. Partin on February 23, 2001 in a restaurant near his home. Partin preferred that our discussion concerning his involvement in the incident not be recorded. He was friendly and cooperative in responding to questions, but requested that he not be contacted further.
His general recall is vague though he remembers being onboard during the incident and was able to recall viewing the object from above. He provided a drawing of the flight path of the B-52 following the first approach. The notations are mine based on information provided by Mr. Partin.
—Thomas Tulien